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It is easy to build your own custom layout without limitations. Most of the layouts for pages and single projects you could see in our demo have been saved to the Template Library which could be reused and reassembled in your page. You can even save your own layout to the Template Library to use them in other pages.

The Art Theme support you upload your favorite fonts to the media library and build your own web font system. You can choose from over 900+ Google fonts, 1700+ Abobe fonts and your uploaded woff2/woff/ttf font files to build your own font library and use them easily.

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selected  work (2019-2021)

The Skillful Art of Design

 EMAIL: studio@architektwesierska.com  PHONE: +48 601 920 692

Architecture & Graphic Design

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Architecture & Graphic Design is a minimalist architectural and graphic design workshop dedicated to develop the concept of sustainability. In pursuit to challenge a constantly evolving design market, the company is boosting efficiency and effectiveness with support of advanced 3D design tools and a BIM technology. Therefore, an expertise of this small-size multidisciplinary project-team covers management of a complex network of multiple architectural and construction projects. For several years, the Architecture & Design − Interior Architecture Studio is also a design-build independent contractor

Lead Designer:

Renata Stefania Wesierska

Studio Wesierska

In the past years, the company implemented the passive house standard to numerous small and large-scale housing developments. The most relevant projects improving energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of public buildings, currently at the execution phase, participate in sustainability-related programs and bid competitions for grants from The European Energy Efficiency Fund. At the same time, the project-team’s commitment is the concept of a high-tech sustainable house equipped with innovative technological solutions, smart controls, and renewable energy systems.


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Phone: +48 601 920 692
Email: studiowesierska@gmail.com
Website: studiowesierska.com

We are a creative Project team of Architects and Graphic Designers. Start a New Project. Bring your ideas to life.

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Graniczna 37, 81-626 Gdynia, Poland

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 EMAIL: studiowesierska@gmail.com PHONE: +48 601 920 692